Military Discounts

Military Program
Mitsubishi recognizes the dedication and achievements of the hardworking women and men of the military. Your investment in this country is to be commended, and in recognition of your efforts, Mitsubishi Motors is offering you up to a $750 rebate on select models.* Thank you!
Mitsubishi Outlander
Mitsubishi Mirage
Mitsubishi Mirage G4
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

For more details about the program, visit South Miami Mitsubishi
8523 S Dixie Hwy
(888) 801-6809

Offer valid from 04/01/2017 through 04/02/2018

Program Summary

Active, active reserve, or retired U.S. Military personnel who purchases or leases Eligible Vehicles is eligible for $500 Military Rebate

Eligible Customers

Customers must be currently active, active reserve, or retired U.S. Military personnel in the U.S. Military whose active duty/retired status can be verified with a valid U.S. Military ID.

Note: Confirmation of authenticity of the ID card can be validated by checking for the presence of the U.S. Department of DefenseEagle hologram. A veteran is a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or releasedtherefrom under conditions other than dishonorable and is not considered active, active reserve, or retired U.S. Military personnel forthe purpose of this program. A civilian who may possess an ID from the Department of Defense and is not active, active reserve, orretired US Military personnel is not eligible.

Eligible Vehicles

All new MY2014 (except Lancer Sportback) and MY2015 Mitsubishi vehicles. 

Program Eligibility

  1. $500 Military Rebate is redeemable for $500 toward the purchase or lease of an Eligible Vehicle.
  3. Eligible Customers using the "$500 Military Rebate" can utilize the finance source of their choice, including any special or standard    MMCA or Ally Financial APR or Lease Financing, Capital One Auto Finance Special APR Financing, or AmeriCredit Special APR    Financing programs, or pay cash for the Eligible Vehicle, and remain eligible for any applicable MMNA customer rebate, dealer    incentive, or dealer delivery bonus.
  5. Eligible Customers must sign the contract and take delivery within the Program Period
  7. Dealership is responsible to verify customer eligibility as outlined.
  9. All Forms and Documents specified under "Program Specific Forms and Documentation" section of this program must    be faxed to the Dealership's MMNA Zone office within 2 working days of the new vehicle's purchase or lease for the    customer to be eligible for $500 Military Rebate.
  11. Limit-One vehicle per qualifying customer under this program.
  13. Military Rebate may be combined with Loyalty Rebate or Conquest Rebate.
  15. Military Rebate is not transferrable. Eligible Customer must be the buyer or the co-buyer or the lessee on the Retail's Buyer's order   and/or Financing Contract. Eligible Customer must be the first customer on RDR screen. Eligible Customer showing up as cobuyer    on the RDR screen will result in delay or denial of the claim.

Program Specific Forms and Documentation

  • A copy of the eligible customer's Active or Active Reserve Military ID, not the back of the card showing SSN.
  • Dealership must destroy the copy of the Military ID one year after the rebate is paid.
  • A completed copy of the Mitsubishi Motors Rebate Reimbursement Form (rev 01/03/15) for the Military Program signed by the customer and the Dealer to show the rebate offer was presented to the customer and how the customer chose to apply the rebate(s).
  • A completed copy of the Retail Buyer's Order and/or Financing Contract, signed by the customer and the Dealer disclosing the $500 Military Rebate amount as a separate line item and how it was applied to the sale transaction (if applicable).